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There is a small airport at Umroi, about 35 km from Shillong. At present, Air India operates with ATR42 type of aircraft on this route. Buses / Taxis are available from Shillong to Umroi and back.

Flight Schedule

Flight No To/From Days
CD9719/9719 Kolkata-Shillong, Shillong-Jorhat-Kolkata Mon, Tues and Thurs
CD9711/9712 Kolkata-Shillong-Kolkata Wed, Sat and Sun

M.T.C. Bus Service from Shillong to Umroi Airport

Departure time from Shillong : 11.00 hrs
Departure time from Umroi : On Arrival of flight from Kolkata
Embarking and Disembarking point : M.T.C. Station, Police Bazar
Type of Bus : 28 seater Starbus
Fare : Rs.100/- per passenger
Schedule days : Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Another convenient airport, the Gopinath Bordoloi Airport in Guwahati (128 km from Shillong) is connected to rest of India with regular flights. Shared cabs (typically small cars from the airport, and larger Tata Sumos from Guwahati town center) are available from outside airport connecting to Shillong. The rate is Rs. 300 per passenger from Guwahati Airport to Shillong. The cab drops you off at Police Bazaar from where you can get a ride to almost any part of Shillong. En route from Guwahati to Shillong, you'll probably stop mid way at Nongpoh to freshen up and get some refreshments.

Flight Schedule from Guwahati Airport PDF Icon (26 kb)

MTDC Airport Transfer services from Shillong to Guwahati Airport

Departure time from Shillong : 6.30 a.m & 9.00 a.m
Departure time from Guwahati Airport : 2.00 p.m & 4.00 p.m
Fare : Rs.250/-

Tickets will be available at Tourist Information Centre, Police Bazaar and Meghalaya Tourism Information Centre, Guwahati Airport.
For further information contact : (0364) 2222731/ 2224933/ 2505012/ 2224471

Helicopter Service

Helicopter is available from Guwahati to Tura and Tura to Shillong on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday and from Guwahati to Shillong and Shillong to Guwahati daily except on Sunday.

It takes 20 mins. to reach Shillong from Guwahati and one hour from Guwahati to Tura. This means of transportation is very economical and convenient.

Helicopter Schedule with effect from 07th January 2011 PDF Icon (131 kb)

For details and bookings, contact:

Meghalaya Helicopter Service MTC Bus Stand, Police Bazar Tel 2223129
Sheba Travels Tel 2227222
Tower Tours & Travels Tel 2220075


There are no rail lines in Meghalaya. The nearest railway station is Guwahati. It is 104 km from Shillong and very well connected with all major cities of India.

Meghalaya Transport Corporation (MTC) has bus services coordinated with train arrivals at Guwahati. The buses leave Guwahati beginning 6 am till 5 pm (three and a half hrs). Reciprocal services from Shillong also leave at the same time. Taxis are available at Guwahati Railway Station.

Railway Schedule with effect from 1st April 2008 PDF Icon (34 kb)


National Highway 40, an all-weather road, connects Shillong with Guwahati. State's Transport Corporation and private transport operators have services to various places in Meghalaya and to neighbouring states. Meghalaya Transport Corporation (MTC) and Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) operates bus services from Shillong to Guwahati and Guwahati to Shillong from 0600 hours to 1700 hours daily. Tourist Taxis, Tata Sumo Taxis, Tourist coaches are also available for travel between Shillong to Guwahati and vice-versa. Shillong is well connected by a net work of roads with all important cities in the neighbouring states and major cities in the country.

In Guwahati, the State's Transport Corporation buses leave from the Inter State Bus Terminus, Beltola, while the Private run buses, Sumos and Taxis leave from Paltan Bazar. In Shillong, the bus stand is located in Police Bazar for Government buses and for private buses it is located in Polo Grounds. The Sumos and Taxis leave from Police Bazar in Shillong. Buses usually take around 4 hours with a mid-way stop at Nongpoh. Sumos and Taxis take around 3 hours to reach Shillong from Guwahati.

Meghalaya Transport Corporation (MTC)

Shillong - 2223200, Jowai - 2223206, Dawki - 2223206

MTC Bus Services from Shillong PDF Icon (346 kb)

Local transport

Buses and Unmetred Yellow-top Taxis are available for travelling to various destinations in the city. Tourist Taxis/Tata Sumo Taxi Associations, Shillong also provide cars for local as well as for long distance tours.

Bus - For places within city limits, city buses are good options. There are two kinds of buses that pass from Shillong - City bus and Bazar bus. City buses is what tourists should use. Bazar buses are for villagers coming to Shillong.

Taxis - Black and Yellow unmetered shared taxis ply within city limits. These are faster and are always shared; rates may vary from Rs 5/- to Rs 15/- maximum. Being shared taxis, drivers often pick up additional passengers en route to the same destination, in order to make a better fare. If one decides to negotiate the "hire" of a taxi, however, the driver will not pick up any more passengers (or stop roadside to find more) but the fare will be significantly higher than if one had just hailed the taxi as it passed by.

For sightseeing it is a good idea to hire a taxi cab for full day. The fares should be fixed before travel. Hotel staff will be able to give you an idea of reasonable rate. Much of the infrastructure is basic.

Hiring Tourist Taxi: Khasi Hills Tourist Taxi Stand, Police Bazar, Phone: 9863023694

Shillong to (in Kms)
Mylliem 13
Mawphlang 24
Umsning 30
Umroi 35
Mawryngkneng 37
Mairang 44
Mawkynrew 46
Sohra 49
Nongpoh 53
Pynursla 55
Mawsynram 58
Jowai 66
Umling 70
Mawkyrwat 74
Nongstoin 93
Shella 93
Amlarem 93
Khliehriat 100
Williamnagar 312
Tura 323
Betasing 370
Dadenggiri 377
Baghmara (via Tura) 445

How to Reach - Tura

From Shillong : Helicopter service- information and tickets are available at MTC bus stand.

Bus (only night bus): Meghalaya Transport Corporation(MTC) buses can be availed from the MTC station, Police Bazar. Private Night Bus service counters are in Police Bazar though the Buses are parked in Polo Grounds.

Hired Taxi : There are two Tourist Taxi Stands in Police Bazar area where a selection of taxis can be hired.

From Guwahati : Helicopter service -Information and tickets available at the Helicopter Counter in the airport.

Bus : Meghalaya Transport Corporation(MTC) buses are available from the Inter State Bus Terminus, Beltola. Private buses (both day service and Night service) are available from Machkhowa near Bhorelu Mukh.

Shared Sumo( day service): Available at Machkbowa near Bhorelu Mukh.

Hired Taxi : Taxis are available outside the ASTC Complex

From Siliguri : Night Bus Service

Tura to (in Kms)
Rongram 15
Betasing 47
Selsella 47
Ampati 49
Dalu 50
Zikzak 51
Chokpot 53
Dadenggiri 54
Resubelpara 88
Baghmara 122
Rongara 145
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